Home Management Reviews

22 06 2009

When I left my job, my resignation stated that I had received a promotion to VP of Home Management or something like that.  I have had co-workers who now work for Homeland Security, so my boss thought that I’d landed a kick-ass, high power government job.

After he put his eyeballs back in his head, I explained that really, I was just going to be a stay at home mom.  Since then, I’ve used my extraordinary problem solving skills to get the house running smoothly so I can spend time with the kids and my computers.

I tried out two new products today, hoping to make my life easier, lessen the clean-up time, and start delegating responsibilities to the kiddos.  One was great, the other was not so great.

For the great one:  Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner

I used it in our sunroom/dining room today and wow.  It cleaned my antique wood table, the glass and the wood on the china cabinet, and the glass end table in the little conversation nook.  I like how the lid is built into itself – it just turns to open and close – because lids ALWAYS get lost, then fall to the floor, then get crunched by a dog or a shoe.  Also, it’s not stinky.  I got the Lavender scent because Rainstorm anything makes me shudder.  It still smelled like cleaner, but it wasn’t that overpowering “I can taste this in the back of my throat” kind of smell.

I like that you can use it on electronics.  Remember, kiddos, stay away from putting glass cleaner on your LCD screens.  This is what made me choose the Pledge brand over the Endust brand.  It’s not too sticky and doesn’t saturate a paper towel with just one spray.  I used a total of three paper towels to clean the sunroom.

The total flop:  Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable Bathroom Wipes

Wow, there are so many things that make this not worth the money or effort.   I’ll just list them numerically:

1.  The top is hard to open

2.  The threader (wet wipe style) shreds the cloths

3.  Unrolling a cloth to get it to a wipe sort of shape is nearly impossible

4.  I get the feeling that they found already-biodegraded paper to make these out of

5.  They definitely aren’t strong enough to wipe down the bathroom

6.  The cleaner leaves a weird soap scum feel on your hands and it doesn’t seem to wash off

7.  It smells icky

8.  Regular old TP with nothing on it cleans up the toilet seat better than this

I think I’ll stick to castille soap, vinegar, and a washrag to clean the bathroom.  I’ll probably let Shaun have a try at it and see if he can get a single wipe out without shredding it into little bits. I don’t think he’ll be able to since it looks like they come pre-shredded.




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