Ill & Ranting

18 06 2009

I had a post in my head earlier that didn’t sound like (read like) I was some over-caffeinated, sleep deprived asshat but wordpress was having a problem with their dashboards.  I guess it was a CSS error, or something wasn’t loading over the browser right but I’ve been out of the dotcom business for 2 years now and I really know just about jack about all of that.  I could have opened a browser other than Firefox and it probably would have worked but I’m a dork and like Firefox and I really didn’t give enough of a damn to do that.

Instead, I’m trying to find a spot for all these books I got recently.  I’m on a James Rollins kick and I ordered all of his books and read all but one.   It’s good stuff.  Really good stuff.  I love reading about scientific theory.

I read about 1 novel a day to keep my brain functioning, so I have about 30 books to find a home for.  All the bookshelves in my room are double shelved, the living room is slap full, and I’ve been trying to not put books in my daughter’s room.  She’s learning to sound out words and some of the titles I would rather she not ponder on.

I have been working on naming conventions on the digital TV shows on my Seagate drive.  It’s so much easier to pull the shows off of the DVD and have an entire season ready to go on the WDHD.  I’m about to load House Season 3 onto the drive and I finished naming the files the way I like them about half an hour ago.

Now for the ranting part:

I hate breeders.  Seriously… I can’t look at a social networking site or go to the grocery store without running into long drawn out rants about how so-and-so breastfed all 7 of her children until they were 5 years old and how no one respected that.  Or some 17 year old girl who is pregnant with her second child because she really thought the pull-out method would work this time.   I understand that the normal way to build a family is “the dirty way” but dammit – grrr, shit, argh and fuck.  Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Oh, but fucking like that will get me knocked up again.  I swear, all my bf has to do is look at me sideways and I’m preggers.  I thought for sure that if we did it while I was still breastfeeding I wouldn’t get knocked up again.  I know the doctor said not to get it on for at least 4 weeks after I gave birth but what does he know?  Getting pregnant before your 6 week check-up isn’t exactly what I had planned, but teehee, he just couldn’t hold out that long.  I just wish I hadn’t been pregnant every day for the last 3 years, I’m so tired of being pregnant, fat, and pregnant.  What’s a condom?  I asked my bf once but he told me not to worry about it – that they were too expensive anyways.

Gah!  Then I get asked “why couldn’t you get pregnant?”  Um, my husband only plays the back nine.  “what does that mean?”  Anal sex, honey.  “Ewwwww, why you gotta be so gross?”  Just to get you to go away. “So what was it – really?”  I didn’t drink enough champagne and crack cocktails during my cycle.  I mean, everyone knows champagne and crack will get you so knocked up.  “Haha, well, I’ll give you one of mine but you’ll want to give him back in a week.”  Ok, you do that, the birth-mom only has 3 days to change her mind in GA, so a week before  you decide you want him back works perfect.

I try – I really do – try to handle things with a sense of humor and it amazes me how nice I can be and people still get pissed off.  Even when I’m joking about MYSELF and MY FAMILY people get mad at me for being insensitive.  My youngest two were born in the same year and people always give you that sideways glance like “birth control fail?”  When I try to laugh it off and say they came pre-packaged or that I got a two for one deal, people say “are you always going to remind them that they’re adopted?”  Like adoption is some kind of dirty word like bastard and that the whole thing should be brushed under the rug and forgotten about.  And THEY know it – my kids aren’t dumb.  I’m only informing this 3rd party whose asked overly personal questions about the state of my vagina and uterus.  I mean seriously, would you ask a random stranger about if he enjoyed being circumcised or if he’d rather his mom and dad left him intact?

I mean, good Lord, people!  It’s amazing how much they look like me and yes, we did get them early on in their lives so hopefully they weren’t “damaged” too badly before they got a “good” home.  What?  Are you serious?  Oh… and “your kids are so well behaved for being adopted from foster care.”  How do you respond to that?  “Oh, thank you.  I noticed your little terrorists have very round heads after being squeezed through a vagina.”

Ok, I think my rant is over. Now it’s time to make lunch!




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