hammock play

18 06 2009

Ethan climbed up in the hammock with me this evening before dinner and Daddy got some great shots on his cell phone.  Life has finally returned to normal after the adoption and resulting parties of last week.

So, yes, I do have a hammock in my living room.  I bought it for myself last week, actually.  It’s one of those camp hammocks that has it’s own framework support system underneath and is real easy to fold up and move.  I’m not a big fan of being outside in the heat and the sun, and my heart condition doesn’t like heat or sun either, so the hammock has taken up residence in front of the rocking chair the cats love.

Ethan loves this game where he sits on me then puts his head on mine, nose to nose and forehead to forehead.  We each open our eyes REALLY BIG and see who can laugh the hardest.  I think that’s the point, anyways.  It’s hard to tell with the little ones.







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