stress dreams

17 06 2009

I dreamed last night – all night – that we had tons of animals I had no prayer of even looking after and I kept coming across more.  This must be my “unfinished crafts meets overwhelming need to care for everything” psychosis coming through my subconcious.

There was a cage of like 40 finches that was infested with worms – some of which were helpful and supposed to be there and some that were bad and I just couldn’t tell the difference.  Then I opened a door that I knew I hadn’t opened in over a year (who has a room in their house they haven’t been in for a year?)  and there was a gray cat who had clawed through the screen in the window and was really pissed off at being locked in a room for a year.  He was all shaggy and stuff.  I wanted to take care of him but my mom was behind me saying “you know you can’t handle any more animals.  You’ve got to find him another home.”

I am NOT going to call my mom and tell her this either.   Suddenly, the dream would mean that I have some sort of psychic or spiritual gift that I’ve locked away since we got the kids (cats symbolize power) and now that the adoption is over it wants a way to manifest itself in my life.  Then the birds are messages and the worms… hell I forgot what the worms mean.

Unless it means “drink more coffee and eat cookies for breakfast” I’m chalking it up to having a sunburn on only one leg, this damn 3 day migraine (thank you again, Clomid!)  and taking Advil PM.

I also dreamed that Shaun said he had to go on a business trip next week.  I’m gonna have to see if that’s true or not.   I also dreamed that I was visiting my doctor when two Men in Black showed up to talk to LJ about something he said in therapy the other night, so I probably dreamed all of it.

Note to self:  stop smoking crack before bed.

Oh, and I fell off my hammock the other day and the pole went up my buttcrack.  Who bruises their buttcrack?  That’s just weird.




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