1 day. Please remain in your seats until the plane is fully stopped.

9 06 2009

Tomorrow, the adoption is final and the kids get birth certificates with our last name on them!  Yay!  Everyone is excited, even cautiously so, but I’m having to remind all the kids it’s tomorrow and not today.

We had a great surprise shower at Shaun’s work yesterday and the kids are still crunk up from that.  Today… we have a dentist appt though.  I’m trying to get the kids ready and they’re all confused about why they can’t wear their new nice clothes and which shoes they’re supposed to put on.  I’m trying to keep secret about where we’re going so they don’t flip shit, but they found out anyways.

I wish we didn’t have to do the dentist appt this week with everything else going on, but I can only foresee the drama coming from Medicaid.  The kids get medicaid until they’re out of high school as part of the adoption assistance program, but they have enough clerical problems with kids moving to a new address, much less with kids getting new last names and SSNs.  So, the dentist appt is today – the last day with their birth names.   The last day I have to sign on the Guardian line instead of the Parent line.  The last day I have to quibble about what treatments I can or cannot approve.  So, by their next dental appt – we should have all the paperwork on file and be versed in how to change the records to their new names.

I think my 9 yo is starting to go through some sort of change in his horomones.  He goes from sweet little kid to angry little man in no time flat.  I can yell “KIDS! BEHAVE!” and nothing else and suddenly he’s so mad at me, he’s giving me the stink-eye.  He’s grown taller and more slender lately and his face is more angular.  You can see his cheekbones and his eyes look larger.  Without all the baby fat, he actually looks a lot like a dark version of me.  It’s amazing how children go through such different stages in their bone structure as they grow.  It’s been 11 months since we met this little man and already he’s gone from short and chunky to taller and leaner.  It hasn’t been the dramatic change that we’ve seen in the tots but a more gradual unfolding.

I need to take a picture of them every day and line the frames up in an animation program and see the progression and growth.  Over and over, my babies growing up into beautiful young people.

Maudlin Mommy needs to go get herself dressed and packed up for the dentist office.  😛  Bottled water, a good book to read, etc… it’s an adventure!




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