One week until Adopted!

3 06 2009

We have one week until we finalize the adoption on our children!  It’s going to take the strain off of us in so many ways.  Our kids will finally have a forever family, we finally won’t have to report every little incident, we don’t have to worry about random people deciding that we aren’t good enough to parent these kids and calling DFCS about us.  I’m looking forward to having friends again.  I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy a beer in the same town as my kids’ school without people being able to say something.  I’m looking forward to my kids not feeling strange because they have different names from us.

I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts, as always, but this time more on the change of birth certificates.  A lot of people view it as identity theft.  Adopting at birth may be that way… but for my kids, it feels more like they’re going into Witness Protection.  Completely without our urging, they deliniate their lives before and their lives now.  Old mommy and new mommy.  Old life and new life.  It makes me think of baptism, really, and they did it all on their own.  No matter how much we or the therapists try and get them to understand that it’s all the same life, they still have that mental differentiation.

8 foster homes, 1 group home, and the longest court case in the history of mankind… and in 7 days we’ll be a normal family.  Well, as normal as we can be.

And if after 10 years of marriage, 8 years of TTC, 2 years of fostering, and now that we adopt – if I get mysteriously knocked up, I’m gonna cuss the hell out of God.  Only 3% of couples get pregnant after adopting and I’m damn tired of hearing “after you adopt, you’ll finally get pregnant.”  No, I don’t want to get pregnant any more!  I want a hysterectomy!  I don’t want stretch marks!  I do want a 4th kid, but I want to adopt him or her.

So, you hear that God?  No funny stuff with my ovaries, ok?




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