Customer Service that really works

1 06 2009

After my Sharpie customer service post, I started thinking about who has a small business computer and customer service model that works PERFECTLY.  There are some sites I’ll mention:  Every step of their order fulfillment process sends you an automatic email and the website lists the exact number of products they have on hand.  If you like exact, is amazing.  They also have the coolest stuff on the planet for special needs kids, gifted kids, and really, anyone.  Steve Leveen makes sure his company is personal, personalized, and oh so practical.  I follow his blog, twitter, emails, everything.  Levenger has the BEST products and BETTER customer service.  Once I received a notebook that I had ordered as a gift from them that was just the tiniest problem and they fixed it right away, treated us like adults, and were so personal.  If you want fast, fast, fast then you want thinkgeek.  After years of ordering from them we’ve never had a single problem.  Never a single problem with the packing list, nothing has ever been broken in shipping, and we’ve never had to call going “where is it?”  It always comes with the newst catalog and lots and lots of air pockets.

Apple iPods:  I don’t have a link because we get corporate discounts and use an intranet link.  They engrave the iPods though and my husband ordered one on a Saturday night and then changed his mind.  He called THAT NIGHT and it had already been engraved and shipped.  We got it two days later.  Now, how cool is that?

Just in five minutes of conversation, my husband and I came up with a list of sites we loved.  We order hoping things will go right and if they exceed and excel we are loyal flunkies of their e-commerce wizardry.

Vote with dollars!  Don’t let companies get away with treating customers like shit!




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