Personal Missions

27 05 2009

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs the last few days, trying to take my mind off the increasing panic related to the kids’ being adopted.  I realized there’s a common thread and it’s kind of depressing.  I think I should pop a B vitamin before I go much further.

In many of the blogs I’ve read – people are pissed off about something.  Something that makes them hot enough to write about it.  Some are deep, but most are very shallow things.  It’s like me and books – no one is really going to be changed by my personal vendetta against folks who abuse and toss away books.  It’s very shallow.

But it gives me something to focus on and to take my mind off of what is really bothering me.  It’s easier to not think about the really scary crap if I’m working on thinking about cataloguing or removing stickers from books I’ve bought at yardsales or Goodwill.  I don’t stop to think about how much my life bothers me if I’m writing about how water damage hurts books.

The truth is that I’m not big enough to fix the problems that really matter to me and I’m not sure anyone can.  I am big enough to find, restore, and then trade paperbacks online.  I am big enough and strong enough to “vote with dollars” in places that I respect.

<why does wordpress keep deleting half of my post?>

I’m not sure that focusing on shallow things is really all that bad.  If it keeps us up and moving, is it really that bad?  So – rock on, hobbyists!  Rock on, lobbyists!  Let’s make a difference in things that don’t really matter.  But what do we do then?

(most of my friends just cheer on whatever ball team their kid is on.  I don’t know if I can go to that level of avoidance…)




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