Fair Game

26 05 2009

Yesterday, before we took the kids to Chunky Cheese with the grandparents, we had a truck load of stuff to drop off at Goodwill.  I love Goodwill.  They don’t harm the books while they’re waiting to be liberated.  The Value Village across the street draws big black sharpie lines down the spine of all the books and no matter how hard I try, I can’t get the ink off without hurting the book.  Anyways, that’s off topic.

Goodwill is great for two things:  books and picture frames.  I love both and it’s amazing how many people will get either for gifts and just take them directly to Goodwill.  Books that are barely opened and frames still in the package.  This time I found framed art prints.  Not the kind you see at Wal-Mart that are little more than hotel art printed on poster paper in a cheap metal frame – I’m talking about actual prints on canvas paper, matted and framed.  $2.52.  Hell yeah.

My husband was at the DVD counter and I was waiting on him near the shoe rack when I look over and a cart with two pieces of clothing thrown over it had a mint condition hardback copy of Diary by Chuck Palahniuk.

Cyndi stands between the shoes and the dressing rooms, watching carefully.  Room #1 does not claim the cart.  Room #2 is empty.  Room #3 does not claim the cart… there are no more rooms.

Cyndi looks around for anyone who seems to be busy  but notices everyone else hunched over their own carts.  Cyndi pulls up beside the cart…


Hey, it was fair game.




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