When life is uneventful

6 05 2009

I find that I have problems when life gets slow and boring.  I think I have too much time to think about everything that happened during the most recent crisis.  I have always been guilty of over-analyzing and now that I don’t work, it’s gotten even worse.  I by no means am asking for more crises to come this way.  Boring can be perfectly fine for a while.

It’s mostly that I don’t know what to do with my thoughts.  The announcements for the adoption have been sent out.  The birds are cuddling contentedly in their coconut bowl.  The kids are almost out of school for the summer.  House and Cuddy are finally doing the wild thing.  Once the thunderstorms stop, I can reconnect my servers for the home network.  HP stopped including envelopes so you could mail back your used printer cartridges and now I have a row of them that need to be dropped off at a recycling center.   My friends and family are all leading happy, chaos free lives.  (That only means I don’t get calls at 3 am from sobbing grown-ups.) Mocha M&Ms don’t taste as good as they look.  None of the books I want right now are on Bookmooch.

It’s all very nice.

It’s all very scary.




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