When you lack words, make up new ones

30 03 2009

For the past month or so, I’ve been working on a catologue of all the music my husband and I own and in what formats we have it in and where it is stored.  If it is stored in CD box #7, it’s notated.  If we bought it on iTunes before we bought the CD, it’s noted.  If it’s been ripped off of the CD and is stored in a back-up drive – the filename is noted.

This also includes going through the endless gigs of music files to make sure it all has the same naming convention.  This… has not been so easy.  Some of it is fairly obvious and looks like this:

Parent folder: Artist name

Child folder: [Year released] Album Name

music file

cover art

The music file naming is where I am having issues settling on a convention.  Yes, we want track number.  Yes, we want song title.  But what about an album code at the beginning for keeping songs on an MP3 disc together?  That’s one of my peeves – I can fit 4 albums on a CD, but it jumbles all the songs together.

I know I’ll figure it out – but what I need to know is what to call this project.  Discography is normally used in reference to a set of work done by a musician.  For authors, the word is book list or back list.  For actors, it’s filmography.  Bibliography is used for a list of sources.  Mapmakers get cartography.

So what do I call this set of reference books (already 300+ pages long) that tracks not only the music I have in CD format, but digital format, and shows the gaps in the discography of the artist from our collection?

Furthermore, when I start this with my book collection, what will that catalogue be called?  Photos?  Movies?  Other collectibles?




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