Society reaps its reward

5 11 2008

Now, honestly, the similarities are too obvious to miss.  Our very own public school system has taken genuis and turned it into something “criminal.”  Photography and television caused a genetic switch that turned the mainly audible and sequential methods of learning off.  More and more often, children are being born with mainly visual and spatial reasoning skills.

This is me.

This is also what has caused my oldest foster son to come with all kinds of “special needs” labels – including autism.  He played and beat video games before he could speak (no really, true story.)

Learn for yourself, and please click links.  (Right click, open in new tab or window.)  This may be the secret to your very own bad-ass child.

If you want to know what I did to grow up, I’ll tell you.  I have a father who is a VSL and he can make anything out of anything and make it work.  His IQ is through the roof but he’d rather live right and have a family than get an “education” and make tons of money.  So, as a kid, I played with circuit boards and such… the best toys came from Radio Shack.

Out of high school, I was hired by a dotcom because I said the following sentence in my interview:

“Anything you can teach me, I can learn.”

And that’s true.  In a year, I was in a different position, pointing out flaws and security issues.  Within 5 years, I was the person management loved to hate.  “You aren’t supposed to do it that way!”  “But it works, doesn’t it?”  “Well… stop showing people.”

My last year there, I worked as an analyst to “hack” the different systems together and create a reporting system that could see all.  I loved the work and hated the people.  So, I quit.

I have one trait that you will find in between the lines of those articles: I won’t do it unless I want to.  I’m not a hacker.  I’m a non-traditional end-user.



edited to add the following for accuracy’s sake, a suggested letter to the media:

Dear Editor:This letter is not meant for publication, although you can publish it if you wish. It is meant specifically for you, the editor, not the public.

I am a hacker. That is to say, I enjoy playing with computers — working with, learning about, and writing clever computer programs. I am not a cracker; I don’t make a practice of breaking computer security.

There’s nothing shameful about the hacking I do. But when I tell people I am a hacker, people think I’m admitting something naughty — because newspapers such as yours misuse the word “hacker”, giving the impression that it means “security breaker” and nothing else. You are giving hackers a bad name.

The saddest thing is that this problem is perpetuated deliberately. Your reporters know the difference between “hacker” and “security breaker”. They know how to make the distinction, but you don’t let them! You insist on using “hacker” pejoratively. When reporters try to use another word, you change it. When reporters try to explain the other meanings, you cut it.

Of course, you have a reason. You say that readers have become used to your insulting usage of “hacker”, so that you cannot change it now. Well, you can’t undo past mistakes today; but that is no excuse to repeat them tomorrow.

If I were what you call a “hacker”, at this point I would threaten to crack your computer and crash it. But I am a hacker, not a cracker. I don’t do that kind of thing! I have enough computers to play with at home and at work; I don’t need yours. Besides, it’s not my way to respond to insults with violence. My response is this letter.

You owe hackers an apology; but more than that, you owe us ordinary respect.

Sincerely, etc.





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20 11 2008
Ali Davut

its great, thanks

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