Holy Effing Money Shot, Batman!

3 11 2008

So, on several shitty boards I watch, there’s been talk of a “money shot” of Scientologists putting the beatdown on some protestors out at Goldbase.  Today, it hit the internet and Gawker (again) isn’t afraid of anything.


Now, I don’t care too much about the dude on the ground (that black blob towards the left is his HEAD) but about halfway through, the video clearly shows one of the guards grabbing a 57 year old woman and SLAMMING HER INTO THE CAR!  After the dude with the camera gets her to safety you can see the “security guards” start to clean up the dude before the cops get there. The tone you hear is played on speakers pointing out to discourage protestors and to keep their voices from carrying.

I know a lot of folks are saying Anons are like a cult unto themselves, but the reason I like to watch them is because it’s all sorts of people from all walks of life.  If you know me or follow my blog, you know I’m not some two-bit Myspace whore with nothing else to do.

In other news, xkcd.com has some HILARIOUS comics on electing the Secretary of the Internet.  It starts here:


Hit the next button as needed and enjoy.




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