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28 10 2008

In my personal experience, reading is much more pleasurable to me than writing.  I’d spend all day on Tag Surfer if I could just experiencing the stories they share.  The problem with this is that it compels me to write.

Now, contrary to my nature, I have several blogs compartmentalized into different passions of mine.  Book Liberation and documentation here, writing there, and finally hacktivism (activism done over the computer) over there.  But what happens when I find a Scientology book at Goodwill?  Do I do as my Liberation nature says and buy it to preserve it?  Do I buy it and mark the crazy and offensive parts to honor the activist in me?  Do I rebel against myself and buy it just to use it as kindling?  I finally just left it on the shelf, but writing about it is something I’d like to do.

I would also like to share experiences about my children, but we’re under a pretty strict confidentiality agreement right now.  I do sometimes just write about cute stuff they do.  I need to do that more often so that I’m actively looking for cute things – right now, my response to them is something like OMGWTFBBQ! or *facepalm*.  Seriously, raising children will bring the internet to you in a whole new way.

By trade, I was an operational business analyst before I was a mom and information does not exist in compartments.  It’s all part of a bigger whole, with every piece of data having influence over another piece of data.  When data gets out of control, the reporting systems (in this case my brain) collapses.  If the input of data is crappy, then the output will be crappy.

I believe I’m going to merge my blogs.  I like the other one’s look better, so I’m going to see if that will work over here on TABLP.  I estimate it will take two cups of coffee and a frappucino, give or take several loads of laundry, lunch for the kids, and making sure the house doesn’t burn down.  The 4 yo is trying to figure out how to start a fire using a magnifying glass and the sunlight…




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