A little note about spray glue…

25 10 2008

I stumbled across this nifty site and decided to make a big fish poster for my daughter:


Here’s the picture we used:

Anyways, after testing different printers and paper (Adobe Acrobat can sense what a printer can handle – the photo printer does not print borderless pictures, but the scanner/fax does but uses more ink) we got all the pieces together and went to glue them up.

Now, spray glue is a wonderful thing.  I did the border pieces with a glue stick so I could trim them up with a craft knife and get the paper off without taking the paint off the wall.  I used spray glue on the inner pieces.  It worked like a charm.  Gorgeous!

There is one very important thing you should know, though.  If you catch a whiff of it or touch your nose with your hands, your nose hairs will become glued together.

This invokes a spontaneous reaction of rubbing your nose.  That is not a good idea.

This leads me to a thought I had last night while trying to build shelves on my desk out of other shelves.  “There is a very thin line between genius and retard.  The line is known as super glue.”

That didn’t go so well either… but at least fingers are easier to clean.




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