The Bibliophile’s Christmas Present

1 02 2007

It’s a dream come true! My husband has built this beautiful shelving unit in our guest bedroom. It’s 9″ tall x 14″ wide and 6″ deep. It’s the perfect size for my vast collection of paperbacks.

Quick FAQ before the book-porn:

Are these all of your books? No, only about 1,000 of them. I have a closet full of bookmooch books in my office and the mantle and entertainment center are covered with hardbacks.

What are those rows of same looking books? The third from the top row is my collection of Baby-sitter’s Club books. It starts at BSC, covers the BSC super specials, mystery series, Forever Friends, and then the white books on the right are Baby-sitter’s Club Little Sister.

(Off the top of my head) The fourth row from the bottom is the Sweet Valley Collection. It starts at Sweet Valley High, the super specials and magna editions, the portrait collection, and Sweet Valley U. The row directly above is Sweet Valley Kids, SV Twins, SV Twins Super Specials, then SV Jr. High.

The second row from the bottom on the left is R.L. Stine’s shelf. Goosebumps, write your own Goosebumps, Fear Street and Ghost of Fear Street. You can see I have a way to go with that collection. Two shelves above belongs to Christopher Pike. There are only about ten of those. Two shelves above THAT is Catherine Coulter’s shelf. I have maybe 35 of her books with some duplications, re-issues, and other miscellani.

The large shelf below the Sweet Valley books will hopefully soon house a small HDTV/computer monitor so that I can listen to music and work from home a bit easier.

What are the shelves made of? They are 3/4″ Georgia pine. I didn’t finish them or stain them because of the harm to the books – for one, sealed wood doesn’t absorb moisture when the climate changes. For another, stain, paint, and finish gradually seal itself to the books causing you to peel them off next time you want one. So, I sanded the wood and sanded the wood and sanded the wood until it’s as soft and smooth as a 20 year old’s bottom. Then I carefully used lemon oil to treat and condition the wood to bring out the grain and seal in some moisture. It also lent the wood a nice yellow tint which turned out beautiful against the golden wall behind and the ‘washed denim’ walls of the room.

And on to the photos!

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