I want a bookthing

16 01 2007

Has anyone seen Baltimore’s Book Thing?

I want to do this here in Atlanta!  Seriously… I think it wouldn’t take much more time than I already spend obsessing about books.  I mostly spend Saturdays either at yard sales, used book stores or cleaning and documenting my books.  I can see this being just an additional “whoopee!”

 I’m thinking about calling my favorite little coffee house near my home and seeing if they’d mind me setting up a “free book” shelf.  My sign would have to say something like:


No, really.  They’re free.

Yes, seriously.  Take the book!  Take 5 books! Let your kids take books!

No, we don’t want a donation.

All we ask is don’t throw them away.

I think this could work… but now I’m going to have to get over this fear of talking to people. 😉




6 responses

16 01 2007
David Schleicher

I love your idea of giving away free books and never-ever wanting to see a book thrown away. You should check out http://www.bookcrossing.com

It offers another creative, worthwhile way to pass along books.

16 01 2007

Thanks David! 🙂 Bookcrossing.com and I just didn’t get along very well – I’m not big on following book travels and I get so worried about books when I set them free. It seems to me like BookCrossing is for books that you’ve read, registered, and reviewed – but I never get rid of a book I’ve read. I get all “will the waitress or custodian throw it out if I leave it out in the open? How do I know some kid isn’t going to find it and rip it into little shreds? What if I want to read it again in five years and I don’t have it and it’s out of print?” See the problem with a person with OCD doing something so uncontrolled? It makes my husband nuts. 😉

I normally only trade or otherwise let go of books I haven’t read and won’t want to read. I have on several occassions bought two copies of a book so I could put one on BookMooch. However, I will always suggest BookCrossing to other folks – it even is listed to get its own page in the Rescue Center!

16 01 2007
David Schleicher

Cyndi, that’s so funny…you are right about the unpredictability of BookCrossing…I’ve realeased many copies of my own book, The Thief Maker, out in the wild…and I have no idea if anyone has picked them up…also, many people might find the book and read it or what have you but never bother to register on BookCrossing….so then what? I will have to check out some of your other links…Thanks!

16 01 2007

LOL, it’s funny but true… My OCD is a thing of workplace legend, where when I go on vacation, I find all my office supplies moved an inch to the left and my folders that are normally sorted by color in disarray. However, I’m good natured about it so no one has gotten killed yet. 😉

I once received a BookMooch book that I had been waiting on for months to come available and it had the little BookCrossing sticker inside with a number. I never registered it as I was so excited to receive the book, I took the jacket off (with sticker attached) so that it wouldn’t get hurt, and immediately started reading. By the time I was done with the 1500 pages that made up the book, I had lost the BookCrossing thingy! I still feel guilty about not logging it’s passage to my home a year later, but the person who sent it to me knows my address and can take solace that it will never go anywhere else now that I’ve read it.

17 01 2007


I have the same problem you do, it is hard for me to part from my books. One time I set up a lending library at my church. Since I accumulated so many books in all facets of my faith I needed to do something with it. I think it was a way to justify my crazy spending on the books but it was also about sharing with others what I’ve found and felt they needed to know. A lot of people can’t afford to buy so many books so it made perfect sense to share them. I kept a list of the people taking books out; name, address and phone #. I think I charged $1 per book and $2 for videos for two weeks in order to be able to invest in more books later but I lost so many expensive videos that I don’t think I ever made it worthwhile financially. That wasn’t my goal anyway and I’m glad that a lot of people took advantage of the library and learned a lot about their faith. Good luck in whatever you do.

Clary Lopez

17 01 2007

Thank you for the luck, Clary!

I had tried to set up a church library before, but that was a lot of work! Besides, now I don’t really have a church home so I just mail books I like to folks I love. In my opinion, Christians are the absolute worst at bringing something back! Maybe it’s the whole forgiveness thing or maybe they just don’t want to admit they never got all the way through the book in front of someone who has read it. Hmmm… another topic for ponderance.

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