Rescue Center page in progress

11 01 2007

If you haven’t noticed, please allow me to draw your attention to the top right of your screen.  The Rescue Center is a list of ideas of where to send unwanted books.

Please, please, please do not throw away books that are in a readable condition.  I saw today someone mention on a message board that they were going to have to trash their deceased father’s collection of pulp sci-fi.  Within thirty minutes, someone had posted asking them for the collection. 

Even just mentioning the collection online on LibraryThing will find a good way to trade, sell, or otherwise have a book or series of books adopted out.  If you do not want to give them away, please see the rescue center for ideas on donating them to charities.  Who doesn’t want the elderly, impoverished, children, or soldiers of overseas wars to have good reading material?

Really – if you don’t, please comment so I can berate you. 🙂




2 responses

16 01 2007

Throwing away a book is almost as bad as burning one.

16 01 2007

I agree. Doodoo-heads. 😛

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