My Millennial is showing

11 01 2007

This morning, I immersed myself into an interesting argument on LibraryThing here.  I’m finding myself getting into more than I can handle, but dammit, why hasn’t this been done yet?  They’re waiting for a Millennial to come along and do it – that’s what.

 If you don’t want to read the whole thread, here’s what is going on:

Last week, there was a misleading article on several major news sites about a library system throwing away books that were considered “classics” by most academics in order to make room for pop fic.  It did not mention that these books weren’t going to be tossed, and, by the way, they had over 370 copies of To Kill a Mockingbird and yes, some of those needed to be on their way out.

From there, the conversation morphed into someone stating an experience they had where several boxes of books that had not even been displayed for a library sale were (quoting the librarian) “on the way to the landfill.”  The poor soul packed as many of these books into her car as possible while on a roadtrip and brought them home.

Other members started mentioning that she too would have to toss books once she ran out of room.  (Sounds like me, huh?) She said that there are plenty of charities and thrift stores that will take them and immediately got pounced upon for being “naive” and “sad” because most thrift stores were past capacity for books.  One person even compared tossing books to burying pets under the sod!

Me, I know that this is a bunch of malarkey and I have a strong suspicion that these naysayers have not begun the creative ideas of where to distribute books.  I had an idea to create a blog or website listing the booksellers, charities, and thrift stores across the nation who were looking for certain types of books and directing people towards buying and donating there. 

Also, I’d like to see the page include links to the bookswapping sites and a list of creative ideas of what to do with books in the meantime. 

 It’s the Millennial in me doing this… this odd compulsion to see a problem, own a problem, fix a problem.  I’m already working full time, managing Going Pro!, and trying to find time to invest in my own hobbies.  Now, I may be adding this site onto my already busy schedule.  I don’t see it taking up a lot of time but getting people to cooperate with the initiative may take a while.  I need people from each of the 50 states and possibly even across seas for this to be successful. 

 Am I completely out of my mind or is this a tool that may not suck?




One response

20 02 2008
Tanya Book

I’m preparing for a move myself and have found myself with many books (as well as some videos) I need to offload so I’m trying to use several of the booksharing sites such as Bookins & Title Trader. So far I haven’t had any problems and I’ve given away 3 items.

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