10 01 2007

Sorry about all the weird presentation changes today, for anyone who might have noticed.  I got fed up with my button layout and decided to pick another format.  I think this one is nice and bookish while not sacrificing any attitude or personality.

 Not much to write about – I’ve had the flu and been recovering.  This weekend before I got really sick, though, I liberated about 50 books from a thrift shop and used book store.  The thrift shop actually has a very nice large room with good storage practices.  The used book store… eh, well, it makes me want to go and save all those poor books. 

Why?  Here are a few reasons:

– The windows are not shielded.  This lets UV rays in which not only bleaches the spines of the books out but also makes the store stifling hot while browsing.

– The books are stacked on shelves, not shelved vertically.  While this saves room, it breaks the spines of the books and also makes it hard to get out the book on the very bottom of the stack that you’d like to buy.  It also creates issues while browsing books of different sizes.  I would also like to point out that this also creates an environment where not-so-enlightened browsers will toss a book back on the shelf, bending it or breaking the binding further.

– Stuffing a book into a place it will not or should not fit!  This is a very bad practice, causing the covers of the books to be torn and putting undue stress on the bindings.  Also, this causes too much pressure on the bookshelves, causing them to break apart.  There are certain times when “tighter than skin on a weenie” is not a good thing! 

– Overflow books are stacked on the floor.  Can we talk about dirt, rodents, and scratches to the books not to mention that PEOPLE trip over the stacks while browsing.  Not a good practice…

– Many of the books are not priced low enough for purchase.  The pricing is based on a percentage off the cover price instead of being individually priced based on condition.  I understand that the manpower hours would increase, but it would be more fair to the consumer causing more books to be purchased. 

– Ink stamps and stickers are used liberally with the name of the bookstore.  I liberated a 1st edition book on Myths & Mythology that had a sticker placed directly on the front cover.  I’m going to see if a hairdryer and alcohol will redeem this volume, but for $15, it should have never been damaged by a bookseller.

I think the only reason I keep going back to this bookseller is because it’s nearby and the selection is decent.  Factor in boredom because it’s not yardsale season and we have a recipe for disaster – me spending hours there organizing the bookstore because my OCD nature will not let me do anything but that. 

Such uneducated damage should not be allowed to be done.  But it is every day… this book liberator and bibliophile has quite a bit of work to be done. 




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