30 12 2006

I just got off of work.  I decided to whore myself for a couple of hours, but it turned in to only an hour before I got too headachy to go on.  So, now I’m here, updating my lovely new blog.  I really do love this thing.

My wonderful husband and I spent the day at two bookstores.  Well, one thrift store with a huge room of books and one used book store.  I ended up with well over 200 books, most of them ones that I needed to complete my collections of Sweet Valley High & offshoots and Baby-sitter’s Club.  I am collecting these because I read them as a kid and it bugs me that I don’t own them.  I want to be able to reread any book I’ve read in the past at any time and I don’t have that with these books so I’m rebuilding. 

 Not only did I majorly score in that area, I was able to plug my fave sites (BookMooch, Bookins,, & LibraryThing) to about 5 people today.  It’s nice to be able to talk to people about books and find out who they are online.  I even exchanged cards with one lady who sells books on Amazon and may have several SV and BSC I may be interested in.  I need to look her store up online and see if she has any inventory that I’d like. 

 Well, off to reshelve books and log ISBNs into LibraryThing!  Joy! 😀




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1 01 2007

Meeting up with a bunch of people for First night celebrations up in Vermont I must have recommended bookmooch, librarything, and paperbackswap to ten people.

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