Brain Overload

29 12 2006

Well, if I’m going to blog today, it’s gonna have to be now. I see the day already ramping up to be one of those run through the forest screaming types of days. Why? It’s the end of the month. It’s the end of the quarter. It’s the end of the year.

Technically, since a team is coming in tomorrow, tomorrow is the EOM/EOQ/EOY but I’m thinking I won’t be one of them. Saturdays are normally very laid back even if there is a shitload of things to do. Hell, if there wasn’t a buttload, we wouldn’t be working Saturdays. Thank God for overtime! Y’know? Otherwise we’d have mass mutiny. Or whips and chains. Or something. I work for a dotcom with a pool table in the break room – we’re not going to torture our people. I already feel really guilty for “motivating” them this morning to break the next milemarker even though they’ve already blown all the goals and records out of the water. There’s just too much to do to let things slow down.

I need to get some time to think about the 2007 process for tracking our reporting. It would be a really good time to get that finalized, you think? I can’t build our database system until that is finalized and I can’t get that finalized until we know our quality goals and we won’t know our quality goals until the middle of January! But I hate changing things in the middle of a year! So, my goal is to make the tracking as easy as possible to load into our new database once it’s built. That way when everything is finalized, we can backload all the data from earlier into it.

In other news, I finished The London Vampire Panic last night. It was cute. Light and fluffy, which is exactly what I needed while being so stressed out I couldn’t think straight. Often I just need an escapism book that I can set down with ease when I have to return to reality and pick back up with ease when I need to again. The last 50 pages or so did surprise me as it took a complete left turn from the former plot line. Other books couldn’t have pulled it off, but this one was fluffy enough to do it. On the whole, it had so many plot holes and inconsistencies you could have strained spaghetti in it. But it was entertaining so I guess it did it’s job. I’ll have to think about a more formal review later for LibraryThing and but I’m too conflicted on it right now to form any clear and coherent thought.

Other things to do when I get, beg, borrow, or steal a moment:

– make a glossary page for this blog defining “book abuse,” “guerrilla yard-saling,” and other terms I’ve coined for myself

– study my stats and figure out what all those buttons at the top do. This is by far the coolest site I’ve found for bloggers and I think I’ll actually put some time into figuring it out

– add to my links on the side and add some more categories (does anyone know if ‘categories’ are ‘tags’?)

– see if I can figure out how to put my most recent post at the top of the page

– go to the bathroom. I think this may be my number one goal for stolen moments today!




2 responses

29 12 2006

WordPress rocks, duznit? It is the only way to blog, although it would be better if they let us have a little more freedom with altering our own css and with using java in our widgets. But it’s free, so far.

By the way, you might want to add “retardity” to the list of words you coined (you used it in commenting on my post about book jackets). Thanks for putting me on your blogroll. I made some room on mine this morning for yours, which is now on the list. Welcome to WordPress, Cyndi.

29 12 2006

Yeah, it’s coolness! Eh, if they let me alter my own CSS and java, I would screw it up so bad… I work for a dotcom, and every time I get asked if we should open up admin access to a group of people I say “no!” LOL, it’s not because I know people, it’s because I know me. At least I have the good sense to keep my hands off things I don’t understand.

I will definitely add retardity to the glossary! I actually removed a syllable from it. *blush* I say it “retardidity.”

Welcome to the blogroll! I hope to keep you as entertained as you are sure to keep me and thank you again for the warm welcome!

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