Hello world! It sure is bright out here!

28 12 2006

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Wow, it’s really nice of wordpress to start this blog for me. I always hate new blogs – they’re kind of like new shoes. You have to break them in, find a comfortable fit and a nice place for your toes to wiggle. Then you have to walk around for hours at a time without getting blisters. Blisters suck.

I always have to remind myself with a new blog that nothing you say on the internet can ever really be taken away. Then, I also remind myself that it’s the internet – it’s not really that serious if someone does get pissed off at you. I don’t know how political radio personalities do it. If that many people were mad at me, I’d be taking triple the amount of xanax I do right now. Wait. Did I just say that?

Moving on…

One of the nice thing about new blogs is that no one really knows me here. Or maybe they do and I don’t know them yet. Maybe we’re all just the same group of 50 or so people circling the same internet sites hiding behind different screen names so that we aren’t recognized. But we leave clues… oh yes, we leave clues to who we really are! My clues are easy – I put my links on the side of the page with this nifty widget thing.

Another nice thing about new blogs is that they taste good with mustard.

Wait, wait, wait! Don’t click the back button! You don’t even know me yet!

So, here I am, introducing myself again. I hate this part. Blech. Give me a “Hi, My Name Is:” sticker. So, in 50 words or less, I’ll describe myself. Then we can get to the fun stuff.

Hi, My Name Is:
over-achieving, brainy, millennial, female, stress addict, pushy, opinionated, shy, introspective, reader, perfectionist, visual, unabashedly silly, warped, intelligent, married, OCD, loyal, organized, contradictory, sleepy, motivated, moral, contemplative, idealistic, cynical, often confused, friend to books and animals, but sometimes not people because they suck.

Hi, My Name Is: Cyndi




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